Financial Markets Practitioner

What does a person in this occupation do?

The occupation of Financial Markets Practitioner includes traders, who invest in securities and various other financial products on behalf of institutional, corporate and private clients, as well as administrative staff such as settlement officers who are responsible for the finalisation of financial markets transactions.

The financial markets consist of the equities market, the bonds market, the money market, the foreign exchange market and the derivatives market.

Financial markets practitioners need to stay abreast with information on securities and market conditions and therefore they continuously analyse individual securities, industries and the economy. They also work with clients and before providing investment advice to clients, they identify the profile and the related investment needs of the clients.

They execute transactions in securities with or on behalf of clients and subsequently conclude or settle transactions and record the transactions in the relevant systems.

Study Path

Entry into the pathway for this occupation starts with an NQF Level 6 qualification in the financial field. This is followed by a learnership that leads to the Occupational Certificate: Financial Markets Practitioner. The learnership consists of a knowledge component (including practical skills) and a workplace component. The knowledge and practical skills components are offered at accredited tertiary institutions as an Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets. The workplace component of the learnership has to be completed at an approved workplace. After completion of these components a final exam that is set by the South African Institute of Stockbrokers (SAIS) has to be written.

People who want to trade on any of the markets also have to write the necessary JSE exams administered by the South African Institute of Financial Markets. In order to obtain the designation ‘Stockbroker’ the stockbroker exams set by SAIS have to be passed.

Professional Body

South African Institute of Stockbrokers (SAIS).

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