Who We Are

Fasset aims to position the Finance and Accounting services sector as sector of career choice for learners and new entrance in the labour market. There are so many opportunities available in the fields of finance and accounting that the possibilities are truly endless.  In order to sucessfully navigate the career path, the first step is to know yourself and explore the possibilities available.

Career planning is not only the learner's responsibility alone; role players such as parents, teachers and employers in the sectors should also be involved in this process.  Navigate this career portal to get more information about careers in the sector, Fasset benefits, incentives and programmes which can turn your potential into skills and knowledge to begin a career in the finance and accounting sector.

Fasset is the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority. The finance and accounting services sector is particularly important because it is the largest employer of people with financial management, accounting and auditing skills. In 2012, more than 135 000 people worked in the sector.

This sector includes investment entities, trusts and company secretary services; stockbroking and financial markets; financial development organisations; accounting, bookkeeping, auditing and tax services; business and management consulting services; the South African Revenue Service; the national and provincial treasuries; and other activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, such as debt collection.

In employment surveys conducted by Statistics South Africa (such as the Labour Force Survey), the sector includes real estate activities and an array of other business services such as labour brokerages, information technology services, legal services, and engineering and architectural services.


  • Developed and regularly revises the sector's skill strategy.
  • Sets strategic targets in line with national policies and priorities, national sectoral priorities and sub-sectoral priorities.
  • Enters signed agreements on targets for delivery with sub-sectors.
  • Monitors and evaluates the implementation of strategies and the achievement of targets.
  • Is accountable in terms of the Skills Development Act, the Skills Development Levies Act, Public Finance Management Act and the SAQA Act.
  • Quality assures education and training providers.
  • Is responsible for learnerships.

About Us

We are your strategic partner in skills development and training in the finance and accounting sector. Our pioneering programmes drive the professionalism and transformation of sector and help to make it a truly world-class and exciting environment in which to work and grow.