Have a strategy - you simply can't fly blind when it comes to your career. Decide upon the job you want by researching industries, trades and professions that best suit your interests, talents and personality.  It's the the recruiter or hiring manager who gets you the job, but it's your application that gets you the interview. Prepare a professional looking CV and cover letter that can be emailed, printed or mailed. Use our CV Builder to make this process really easy for yourself.

Searching for jobs

Many jobs are filled before they are advertised. So it makes sense to use a range of different job searching techniques to increase your chances of gaining employment. 

One technique that can be used is to contact the employers directly. Some employers rely on job seekers approaching them to save them time and money in advertising and recruitment. Contacting employers directly shows that you are proactive and committed. These are qualities highly regarded by employers.

Here are a few other techniques to consider to help you navigate the job market:

  • Approach employers face-to-face.
  • Call a business that has not advertised a job to see if there are any jobs available.
  • Look for learnership opportunities as actively as you would look for full-time employment.
  • Build up your professional network, both in person and online.  LinkedIn is the best professional online platform to meet prospective eployers. 

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