Induction for new staff

A thorough induction programme is invaluable in allowing a new recruit to become familiar with the company, meet the who’s who and understand how and where he fits in. This is especially true if the new staff member is an apprentice, a trainee or a first-time employee.

Firstly, prepare an induction pack and send it to the newcomer. Then, in preparation for his first day, ensure that all the materials and tools they need are available.

The induction pack should feature a schedule for the first three months, including a plan for the first week outlining when and where he will work, which meetings he needs to attend, how he will get to know key people and when you, the employer, are available to meet with him.

To ensure that the relationship gets off to a good start, you should:

  • Meet with your new staffer in the first week to discuss the induction pack and answer any questions.
  • Discuss your company’s work rules.
  • Tell him what you expect of him in his first week.
  • Spend time getting to know him during the first week.
  • Schedule a time in the second week to discuss any concerns.
  • Build in a social activity if possible to acquaint him with the team.
  • Set regular meetings to keep track of how he’s doing.

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