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Did you know that you can recruit from the Fasset career portal? Fasset wishes to create a platform for job seekers to find work and for Employers to recruit from our pool of qualified candidates.  Fasset has a number of skilled learners and graduates coming from the Universities, Universities of Technology and TVET Colleges; register on this page to access CVs of candidates.

Any legitimate employer can register on our portal in order to list jobs they are recruiting for and also to recruit learners from our portal. There are no costs involved for Employers to recruit from our portal, the process is easy and quick. It takes only a minute to register your organisation.

Fasset will vet all Fasset registered employers through the L-number employers provide upon registering.  An approval of an legitimate employer will take about 48 hours to verify.  You will gain access to the general areas of the website without approval, however - you will not be able to start recruiting before your registration is approved.

Why register with us?

  • You can get access to Fasset's graduates and suitably qualified job seekers.
  • You get the freedom to upload and manage new roles at your leisure.
  • You can join a community of like minded employers.
  • Share industry best practices and stay updated with Fasset News.


Register to List Job Offers

You need to register (as an employer) in order to list your job offers.

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