Promote work experience

There is nothing to beat first-hand, on-the-job experience and this should be encouraged even if it is not part of the school curriculum or programme of outside activities.

Work experience not only gives youngsters a taste of what occupations entail, but builds on their work-readiness skills and, most importantly, will allow them to add value to their resumes and give them references to list when it comes to job application time.

Encourage students to test the waters if they are not sure what career they want. It will help to give them direction, not to mention develop confidence.

Joining the workforce for the first time can be quiet intimidating and overwhelming.  You can imaging what it is like for school leavers if they are looking to join the workforce, especially if they have no work experience or employers that they can list as references. Job shadowing is a great way for learners to explore the world of work, providing experience and full facts about what the job actually entails. 

Encourage students to "give it a go" even if they are not sure about what career they want. Work experience will build their confidence, create a sense of belonging and really begin to develop their own career direction.

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