Monitoring performance

Performance management or monitoring is a natural part of coaching and mentoring, but there are some tricky situations that may be encountered.

Phone addiction

If your employee grabs his phone to post on Facebook or Twitter every time you turn your head, it is time to:

  • Reiterate that you have asked him repeatedly not to use his phone at work, but ask if there is any genuine reason why he can’t be without it.
  • Explain your stance on phone use, whether it’s a safety issue or a rule because it takes the focus away from the company and its customers.
  • Impress on him how seriously you view the problem and that you will have to confiscate his phone if he doesn’t comply. If you do this, explain that the phone is safe and will be returned during tea and lunch breaks. It is important that this rule apply to every member of staff.

Habitual lateness

Getting to work on time is an employee’s responsibility and he must take it seriously.

Point out that the issue is of concern to you, as promptness is an expectation. Explore the reasons for his tardiness and try to secure a commitment from him to take the necessary action to rectify the situation. You may be forced to implement a rule that if he can’t change his behaviour, he will no longer have a job.

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