Sector education and training authorities (SETAs) encourage skills development across South Africa’s economic sectors. There are 21 SETAs, each promoting skills development in its sector. SETAs focus on providing skills development and training to people employed or seeking employment in their sectors. They are tasked with developing skills development plans in response to the skills needs in their sectors. They then ensure that training is of appropriate quality and at the skills levels needed. If you know the sector housing the work that interests you, you could visit the website of the SETA or contact its office to find out more about training options in that sector.

The SETAs provide information on quality education and training offered by employers within their sectors. They can help you to find funding options and avenues to gain new skills while you are working. SETAS are tasked with developing a sector skills plan in line with the National Skills Development Strategy and then implementing it through learnerships; approving workplace skills plans, allocating grants to employers, education and training providers and workers, and monitoring education and training in the sector.

They promote learnerships by:

  • identifying workplaces for practical work experience;
  • supporting the development of learning materials;
  • improving the facilitation of learning, and
  • assisting in the conclusion of learnership agreements.

List of SETAs

Other than Fasset, the following SETAS operate across the economy:

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