Encouraging work success

Once your youngster has landed a job, there is much that you, as his parent, can do to help him to develop positive relationships at work.

  • Encourage respect for others: going from home where he has been encouraged to share his thoughts and views to a workplace that doesn’t necessarily warm to such candour by new recruits can challenging.
  • This doesn’t mean he cannot share opinions, but it pays to be sensitive to longer-serving employees’ experience. He should ask fellow employees about their experiences when they started out.
  • Talk to him about what he enjoys at work and what is challenging, make an effort to know his employer, but treat him like an adult when it comes to getting up on time, having neat clothes and organising lunch.
  • If your child has had a bad day, stress the positives. Point out that one wrong step doesn’t mean everything will go wrong. Help him to keep his temper, taking a five-minute break from a task to gather his thoughts. Encourage him to focus on the long-term career progression rather than imperfect task.  
  • Encourage him to talk about what he is working on and with whom, and what he has learnt from his colleagues each day.
  • Share your experience of work with him. Share the bad, but stress what you did to get through it.

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